Cherry Hill Birth Injury Lawyers: How Can Hospitals Prevent Birth Injuries?

Medical error leads to more than 25,000 birth injuries every year. Some of these injuries are severe and permanent. Obstetricians are one of the most sued specialists named in malpractice suits. So, what can be done to reduce the birth injury statistics and make sure childbirth is the safest experience possible for mothers and babies?

Comprehensive isafety procedures reduce birth injuries and malpractice claims significantly, according to a recent Yale School of Medicine study. Five basic principles are involved in increasing maternal safety. The use of electronic health records (EHR’s) helps physicians maintain all data in the same place, preventing the omission of medical data that is crucial to health.

When a hospital employs a dedicated on-call attending obstetrician, they ensure that all patients’ needs are met. Additionally, providing a senior obstetrician in a supervisory role provides invaluable care for patients in the labor and delivery unit. More expert care always leads to increased patient safety.

Adherence to Protocol is Paramount

Requiring hospital staff to follow standard protocol throughout the labor and delivery process reduces medical error and birth injuries. Using checklists to perform procedures or administer drugs prevents mistakes and allows staff to identify potential risks before they pose a serious concern to patients.

Whenever multiple drugs are administered to patients, mistakes can happen. Confusion or human-error can lead to overdoses and dangerous interactions. Women often receive multiple drugs during the childbirth process. Color-coding medications, IV lines, and infusion bags also reduce the possibility of errors that lead to birth injuries.

Before the baby’s arrival, an electric fetal heart monitor is invaluable in telling the doctor how the baby is doing in-utero. All hospital staff members caring for mothers in labor should be well-trained in the use and interpretation of fetal heart monitors. Catching and addressing early signs of fetal distress significantly reduces the possibility of birth injuries.

With a standard holistic approach to maternal care, the rate of preventable birth injuries in the US will continue to fall, which is good news for all parties involved.

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