Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers: Fatal Car Accidents in New Jersey Affect Thousands

Over 550 people were fatally injured last year on New Jersey roads, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This means that for every 100,000 residents, roughly 6.27 lose their lives in fatal car accidents every year in New Jersey alone. In total, there were about 290,000 total accidents in New Jersey in 2015, with about 82,000 injuries as a result. This means that the chance of fatality from any accident was less than one-fifth of one percent, however drivers who were impaired by alcohol increased the likelihood by five times.

Several other factors also came into play in determining accident rates as well as associated fatalities. Geographically, the northern areas of the state saw more crashes overall, but a higher percentage of crashes resulted in fatalities in the southern portion. Major towns were especially susceptible to fatal car accidents. Over 300 of the fatalities in 2015 were a result of a vehicle hitting either a pedestrian or another vehicle, with another 100 resulting from a vehicle hitting a curb, cyclist, or utility pole. A small fraction resulted from drivers striking guard rails, posts, or embankments. A high percentage of pedestrian and cyclist crashes were concentrated in Essex County, Monmouth County, and Hudson County.

Age is a Contributing Factor for Car Accidents in New Jersey

Speeding-related car accident fatalities have actually increased significantly since 2006, up 66 percent. Accidents caused by high speeds were concentrated in the southern areas of the state, namely Camden County and Cumberland County. Drunk driving car accidents were noticeably more common near the shore, with high points during the summer. Roughly 36 percent of those responsible for car accidents had a BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) of over .01 percent at the time of the crash. Age played a major factor in determining accident rates, with a peak between ages 20 and 34, declining through the mid-sixties, and then raising again with advanced age. Those between 20 and 30 years of age were much more likely to be involved in speeding and alcohol related car accidents.

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