Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Poor Communication Among Hospital Staff Leads to Medical Errors

According to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, medical error has now surpassed respiratory disease as the third leading cause of death in America. That equates to approximately 250,000 fatalities per year – a daunting statistic. What is causing these medical errors and what can be done to prevent them from leading to more patient fatalities? Some experts say communication is key.

Hierarchies exist among hospital staff, as in most other professions. When important medical data and procedures are communicated throughout various levels of employees, crucial information can be overlooked. The more employees involved in the hierarchy, the more chances for information to be relayed incorrectly or not at all, leaving patients vulnerable to medical mistakes.

Another concern when it comes to medical staff communication is just how employees transfer important patient information. With some orders communicated verbally and others written on patient charts, instructions or data can be lost. Nurses might assume that all necessary orders would be communicated verbally, while the physician may have written them in the patient’s chart. This lack of a standardized system of communication leads to mistakes.

When a staff delays communicating time-sensitive information, medical errors and birth injuries occur. Tests and procedures that need to happen in a timely manner can be forgotten when employees fail to notify one another. Patients can even be discharged without the requisite tests without good staff communication.

Communication is Crucial in Avoiding Birth Injuries in New Jersey

Some of the most devastating medical malpractice cases involve birth injuries. Utilizing universal clinical information systems gives staff members a primary point of reference for all crucial patient care information. Technology can be a hospital staff member’s best friend when it comes to communicating patient directives, provided all staff members use the same applications and systems.

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