What Makes Motorcycle Accidents So Dangerous?

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Though any accident on the roadway can be dangerous, motorcycle accidents are arguably more dangerous than any other type of motor vehicle accident. Motorcyclists often find their lives irrevocably changed in the wake of an accident — paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and other substantial impairments count among the many unsurprising consequences of a serious motorcycle accident. Litigating claims that center around catastrophic, life-changing injuries is quite a challenge, as the stakes are fundamentally high. Plaintiffs must be careful to consult with an experienced team of attorneys that have had demonstrated success litigating similar motorcycle accident disputes.

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So, what makes motorcycles so dangerous? Let’s take a brief look at a few concerning factors.

Inherent Risks

Motorcyclists are subject to certain “inherent risks” due to the physical construction of the vehicle itself.

In a car, for example, the driver and passenger(s) are protected by airbag systems, belts, and perhaps most importantly, the basic structural integrity of the car frame itself. When a car collides with a solid object, the force of impact will be absorbed to some extent by the frame itself. In fact, car manufactures design the frame to fold and crumple at certain capacities so as to further absorb and spread the force of impact (and thereby protect those inside from harm).

By contrast, a motorcyclist has no access to a belt, airbag, or an external frame that will absorb the force of impact. If a motorcyclist collides with another vehicle or object at a sufficiently high speed, then they will very likely be thrown off the motorcycle and further injured due to the secondary collision with the ground. The substantial force of impact brought about by the collision — without the benefit of a car frame absorbing the force and spreading it across a wide surface area — will be applied directly to the motorcyclist, which can cause blunt, slashing, or penetrative trauma that threatens severe or even fatal injuries.

Motorcyclists and an Active Road Presence

Though most drivers are cursorily aware of the possibility of motorcycles sharing the road with them, there are many who simply do not expect to encounter a motorcycle and may not react appropriately. These drivers may not understand how to respond to a motorcycle that is attempting to merge into their line, for example, and may not leave sufficient room for a safe merge. Alternatively, these drivers may not notice the presence of a motorcycle before it is too late to prevent a collision. These visual issues can be further compounded by the fact that motorcycles have a smaller profile and are therefore more difficult to notice on a tense roadway or in poor weather conditions.

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