Pennsylvania Employment Law Attorneys

Pennsylvania Employment Law Attorneys

Folkman Law Offices will support you regarding Pennsylvania employment law. With a wealth of experience and a track record of success, our attorneys understand the complexities of Pennsylvania Employment Law. 

Navigating employment law in Pennsylvania requires professional legal help. Federal and state laws are in place to safeguard employees from various workplace challenges, including issues like discrimination, wrongful termination, and contractual breaches. If you’re facing such employment concerns, consulting with an experienced employment attorney is crucial.

At Folkman Law Offices, we go beyond legal counsel—we become your partners in safeguarding your rights and interests in the workplace. Trust us to provide the clarity and support you need, empowering you to face employment challenges confidently. Please call us if you have any questions regarding legal support at work. (215) 561-0455

What is Employment Law?

Employment law encompasses the body of legal principles and regulations that govern the relationship between employers and employees. It is a broad and dynamic field that addresses various aspects of the workplace, aiming to establish fair and equitable practices while protecting employers’ and employees’ rights and interests.

Key elements of employment law include:

Discrimination and Harassment: Prohibitions against discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, age, disability, and harassment prevention in the workplace.

Termination and Severance: Guidelines for fair and legal termination practices, including severance agreements.

Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation Agreements: Agreements between employees and employers that limit the employee’s ability to work and interact with potential clients. 

Whistleblower Protection: Safeguarding employees who report illegal or unethical activities within their organizations.

Family and Medical Leave: Regulations allow eligible employees to take unpaid leave for certain family or medical reasons.

Employment Contracts: The creation, interpretation, and enforcement of employment contracts, outlining terms and conditions of employment.

Wages and Hours: Regulations related to minimum wage, overtime pay, working hours, and other aspects of compensation.

Employee Benefits: Regulations governing benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and leave policies.

Unions and Collective Bargaining: Addressing the rights of employees to organize, engage in collective bargaining, and participate in labor unions.

Privacy and Surveillance: Balancing the rights of employers to monitor workplace activities with employees’ privacy rights.

How Can an Employment Attorney Help Me?

An experienced Pennsylvania employment attorney steps in as your advocate and guides you legally through your dispute. Whether you’re facing workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, contract disputes, or other employment-related concerns, an employment attorney helps you understand and assert your rights.

From providing sound legal counsel and negotiating on your behalf to representing you in legal proceedings, their  knowledge is instrumental in safeguarding your interests and ensuring fair treatment in the workplace.

Legal Counsel and Guidance: Provides legal advice on employment-related matters, helping clients understand their rights and obligations under federal, state, and local employment laws.

Contract Review and Negotiation: Reviews employment contracts, non-compete agreements, severance packages, and other employment-related documents to ensure fairness and legality.

Negotiates on behalf of clients to secure favorable terms in employment contracts.

Whistleblower Protection: Advises and represents employees who expose illegal or unethical activities within their organizations, protecting them from retaliation.

Representation in Litigation: Represents clients in legal proceedings, including filing lawsuits or defending against claims, if informal resolution methods prove unsuccessful.

Discrimination and Harassment Claims: Handles cases involving workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on race, gender, age, disability, or other protected characteristics.

Family and Medical Leave: Assists clients in understanding and exercising their rights under family and medical leave laws, ensuring compliance by employers.

Workplace Policies and Compliance: Guides clients on workplace policies, procedures, and compliance with employment laws to prevent legal issues.

Negotiation and Settlement: Engages in negotiations with employers to reach favorable settlements outside of court when appropriate.

Advocacy for Employee Rights: Acts as a strong advocate for employee rights, working diligently to ensure fair and just treatment in the workplace.

What are My Rights as a Pennsylvania Employee?

As an employee in Pennsylvania, you are afforded a range of rights to ensure fair and equitable treatment in the workplace. First and foremost, anti-discrimination protections shield you from unfair treatment based on race, religion, gender, age, disability, or other characteristics. 

Moreover, your wage and hour rights are safeguarded, guaranteeing you receive at least the minimum wage and appropriate overtime pay. The state supports the balance between work and personal life through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), providing eligible employees the right to take unpaid leave for significant life events or health-related matters without fearing job loss.

Pennsylvania employees also enjoy rights related to workplace safety, privacy, and protection against retaliation. You have the right to a secure work environment, free from hazardous conditions, and the ability to report unsafe practices without facing repercussions.

Common Employment Disputes

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Challenges related to termination, particularly when discriminatory factors are at play.
  • Evaluation of cases where termination follows the revelation of personal characteristics, such as religion, race, or gender.
  • Harassment and Discrimination Disputes
  • Severance Agreements

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