Anesthesia Errors

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Anesthesia-related errors are unfortunately common. If you’ve been injured (or if your medical condition has been exacerbated) due to the fault of an anesthesiologist or other healthcare professional, then New Jersey law may give you a right of action for damages under medical malpractice law.

Medical Negligence in the Anesthesia Context

Anesthesiologists have a number of duties over the course of an operation. They must evaluate the patient’s condition before surgery and develop a safe strategy for delivering anesthesia to the patient, as well as monitor the delivery of anesthesia over the course of the surgical operation. After the operation is complete, the anesthesiologist must follow-through with the patient and provide post-operative care. A failure at any of these stages may constitute medical negligence, and lead to serious injuries (for which the victim may be entitled to recover).

Medical negligence involves the failure of a healthcare professional to adhere to the applicable standard of care in a given situation. The standard of care may vary depending on the experiences, training, and background of the healthcare professional, as well as the nature of the patient’s condition.

For example, if a patient is undergoing a risky and experimental brain operation , then an anesthesiologist might not be found liable for medical negligence if the patient fails to “wake up” after the surgery. Courts will determine whether medical negligence (malpractice) has been committed by evaluating whether another healthcare professional under same or similar circumstances would have done the same.

Common errors include:

• Failing to comprehensively evaluate the medical history of the patient;
• Failing to properly clean instruments;
• Failing to safely deliver anesthesia (i.e., mechanical errors);
• Distractions during operation, leading to improper monitoring;
• Failure to follow-through and guide patient on post-operative care;
• And more

Losses May Be Substantial

Anesthesia errors can lead to significant losses and impairments, including (but not limited to) the following:

• Brain damage;
• Pulmonary issues;
• Heart failure;
• Paralysis;
• Infection;
• Coma;
• Death;
• Hypertension;
• And more

For example, the improper delivery of anesthesia may lead to complications during a surgical operation, causing the patient to suffer mobility impairments due to anesthesia-related paralysis.

Depending on the severity of the loss, the damages may be substantial. If you are disabled by an anesthesia error, then you could be entitled to damages that compensate you for the loss of income (for the rest of your working life). By contrast, an anesthesia error that leads to only temporary impairments would give rise to a lower overall damage amount.

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