Doctor and Nursing Negligence

Medical malpractice disputes can scare away many plaintiffs, even if they have an actionable claim for damages. Healthcare providers and their insurance companies are often aggressive defendants in litigation – they benefit from a baseline level of public trust and are further incentivized to “bully” legitimate plaintiffs into dropping the lawsuit. If you successfully litigate your claim against a healthcare provider, then that might open the door to other plaintiffs who found themselves harmed under similar circumstances.

It’s important not to retreat from litigation if you have an actionable medical malpractice claim. New Jersey law is on your side, and with the aid of an experienced attorney, you can bring a successful lawsuit against the defendant. Curious about your claims? Contact us at Folkman Law to speak to a qualified Cherry Hill medical malpractice lawyer for guidance.


In New Jersey, an injured plaintiff will have an actionable medical malpractice claim against their healthcare provider (i.e., doctor or nurse, or even the clinic/hospital employer) if they can show that:

  1. the healthcare provider owed a duty of care to the plaintiff;
  2. the healthcare provider violated the standard of care under the circumstances; and
  3. in violating the standard of care, the healthcare provider caused the plaintiff to suffer injuries.


The “standard of care” for a given medical scenario varies depending on a number of different factors — the nature of the illness, the experience of the doctor or nurse providing care, the resources available to the healthcare provider, and more. For example, the standard of care for diagnosing a straightforward illness will likely be stricter than for diagnosing a rare and poorly understood illness.

When your doctor or nurse makes a mistake or acts in a manner that violates the standard of care, then they have engaged in medical negligence and could potentially be held liable for medical malpractice.


Doctors and nurses share some responsibilities in the healthcare context, though their responsibilities may also significantly diverge at various points. In any case, doctor or nurse negligence may include, but is not necessarily limited, to the following:


At Folkman Law, our team of attorneys boasts decades of experience advocating on behalf of those who have sustained injuries in a variety of medical malpractice situations, including those that involve the negligence of a doctor or nurse.

We have handled plaintiffs-side claims in matters involving amputations, misdiagnosis, and many other types of complex medical malpractice issues. The breadth and depth of our work in this practice area has earned us significant insight into how to successfully litigate such disputes.

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