Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyers discuss Battling Medical Malpractice Issues Due to Substandard Care

During the holiday season, most families are focused on preparations for celebrations and gathering with friends and family. However, some still find it necessary to receive medical care because of existing conditions or urgent situations. Those in the New Jersey (Camden County) and greater Philadelphia area who are entrusting themselves to the care of medical professionals typically expect that the care provided will be offered in accordance with the highest level of safety standards and protocol. Holidays that are interrupted by the need for medical care can be inconvenient; trips to the hospital that result in substandard care and lead to medical malpractice can actually be quite tragic.

At Folkman Law Offices P.C., we help those who wish to hold practitioners responsible for their negligence by filing legal claims in court. Based on our clear understanding of the law and successful litigation experience, we offer effective advocacy to guide you through the sometimes complex legal process to seek accountability against those deemed responsible for your injury or illness.  Our record shows that we have successfully obtained settlements and verdicts on behalf of many clients, including a $5.2 million verdict in a medical malpractice/wrongful death claim filed by the family of an obstetrics patient.

Injuries and illnesses caused by substandard medical care can occur in various situations. Failure to diagnose, medication errors and emergency room negligence are among the many types of malpractice that often lead to serious injury, illness, or even death. Such tragedies often have catastrophic and devastating effects on patients and their families.

During the holidays, as well as at any other time of year, if you or your loved one has suffered adversely due to medical malpractice in the New Jersey (Camden County) and greater Philadelphia area, you may contact Folkman Law Offices P.C. online or call 856-354-9444 to arrange a consultation. We are prepared to conduct a thorough investigation of your claim so as to help you identify all possible sources of liability and document all details that may be necessary to obtain full recovery  for your losses. While court-awarded compensation can not erase an injury, nor can it ever be a replacement for the loss of a loved one’s life, it can at least help offset some of the extensive debt often sustained in such situations.