Bosch Technology Seeks to Alert Drivers

Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Lawyers: Bosch Technology Seeks to Alert DriversThe warm weather is finally here, which means enthused motorcycle riders can be spotted on all the roadways. However, riding a bike on the open road is not all freedom and fun. Sadly, motorcyclists are 18 percent more likely to suffer fatalities in an accident than other drivers.

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by a myriad of reasons: the driver may not be wearing the proper riding gear, or they could be driving recklessly and weaving through traffic. It is also common for car drivers to have a blind spot in their mirrors and not realize there are bikers around them. Unfortunately, it is more prevalent for motorcyclists to be seriously injured on the road.

There are many safety precautions in place to help reduce the risk of injury while riding a motorcycle, such as properly-fitted helmets and wearing protective clothing, proper riding shoes, and gloves. These precautions are not enough to prevent wrongful death due to negligence on the road. Motorcycles are less stable at high speeds since they are smaller and only have two wheels. They are also more prone to accidents due to hazardous road conditions such as uneven pavement, oil slicks, and potholes, and extreme weather such as icy roads.

Technology Offers a Solution

Bosch, a leading motorcycle technology company, believes they have created a cutting edge “digital protection shield” that can prevent a third of motorcycle accidents. This technology works by allowing a transmitter and receiver to communicate and exchange data, alerting motorists there are motorcyclists nearby, so that they can drive cautiously. If a dangerous situation arises, the device can alert drivers or motorcycle riders by way of a dashboard notification or sound alarm to make them more aware of their surroundings and potentially avoid the impending accident.

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