Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers: Eating Behind the Wheel is as Dangerous as Texting

No one disputes the dangers of texting while driving in New Jersey, but did you know that eating behind the wheel can be just as risky? Distracted driving car accidents account for at least 11 percent of all fatal car crashes across the country. Anything that prevents a driver from being fully focused on operating their vehicle is a distraction.

Most drivers admit they have eaten while driving at some point. What they may not know is that doing so impairs them the same way that texting while driving does. Anything that requires a driver to look away from the road prevents them from quickly and effectively reacting to dangers.

Distracted driving accidents can happen when a driver looks away for as little as three seconds. Reaction time and lane control are greatly reduced by distracting behaviors, including texting, eating, drinking, and adjusting controls inside the car.

For this reason, three New Jersey lawmakers are proposing tougher legislation on all forms of distracted driving – including eating and drinking. If passed, the bill proposed by New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski would ban, “any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle on a public road or highway.”

Penalties for violating the law would be severe – between $400 and $800 in fines depending on the number of offenses. A third offense could also carry a 90-day suspension of the driver’s license. In New Jersey alone, more than 200 people lost their lives in fatal car accidents during the first half of 2016. Wisniewski hopes his proposed legislation will remind drivers that doing anything behind the wheel besides driving is costly and dangerous.

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