Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers: New Jersey Traffic Fatalities Rose in 2016

Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers New Jersey Traffic Fatalities Rose in 2016According to New Jersey State Police data, traffic fatalities in New Jersey rose eight percent in 2016 from the previous year. In 2016, more than 600 people lost their lives in car accidents on New Jersey roadways, the highest number since 2011. State Police Sgt. Jeff Flynn cites speed and unrestrained passengers as the cause of many traffic fatalities.

More than half of the people in fatal car accidents were behind the wheel. Eighty-nine were passengers. One hundred and sixty-seven were pedestrians. Eighteen were on bicycles. Though people tend to assume younger and senior drivers as the most dangerous, both groups actually had the least amount of fatalities.

Burlington County suffered 50 traffic accident fatalities, the most in the state. Middlesex County and Monmouth County followed closely with 49 fatalities. State Highway 70 was one of the more dangerous roadways, with four fatal accidents in 2016. Interstate 95/NJ Turnpike had three fatal car accidents.

Drowsy Driving and Distracted Driving are a Huge Concern in New Jersey

According to the AAA New Jersey Automobile Club, drowsy and distracted driving are quickly becoming major causes of fatal car accidents in Cherry Hill and throughout the state. A spokeswoman for AAA calls driver distraction – whether it be using the cell phone, changing the radio station, or eating lunch behind the wheel – “the largest change in behavior over the last 10 years.” Lawmakers across the country have proposed legislation increasing penalties for drivers that text behind the wheel or drive while sleep-deprived.

Though the statistics can be discouraging, there is some good news for New Jersey drivers. State Police and lawmakers use accident data to make roads safer throughout the state. State Police use accident statistics to determine which roads in New Jersey are especially dangerous in order to institute changes to make them safer for drivers and pedestrians. Lowering speed limits and increasing signage in hazardous areas can potentially reduce fatal accidents in some areas.

Laws that address dangerous behaviors like distracted driving will also reduce car accidents going forward. No one wants to hear about fatal car accidents, but we all have the knowledge and technology to stay safe behind the wheel.

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