Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers: Tips for Safer Summer Driving

Motorists assume obvious risks anytime they gas up the tank and hit the open road. Those same risks are substantially elevated during the summer months, however. According to AAA, the 100-day period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the deadliest stretch of the calendar year on American roadways. To understand this spike in summertime car accidents, it is important to avoid the activities and behaviors which endanger motorists the most.

Whether enjoying a backyard barbecue or a day by the water, alcohol goes hand-in-hand with fun in the sun for many. It should come as no surprise, then, that accidents caused by drunk driving rise substantially over the summer months. Always assign a designated driver if alcohol cannot be avoided or be prepared to rely on public transportation to make it home safely, Cherry Hill car accident lawyers say.

Drivers should keep an eye on their tire pressure throughout the year, but especially so during the summer. Tire pressure increases one pound for every 10-degree rise in temperatures. Accordingly, during an unusually warm day, tires – particularly those which have already been stressed with a large load – are at an increased risk of blow-outs.

Weather can also wreak havoc on driving conditions. Drivers should be particularly cautious when driving during or just after a passing shower. Cool rain on a warm road surface can lead to hydroplaning.

When traveling to or from a summer destination drivers will undoubtedly encounter increased bicycle and motorcycle traffic – who enjoy the same right to the road as a motor vehicle. Drivers must practice vigilance and patience when in the vicinity of bicyclists and motorcyclists. Always look twice in a rear-view mirror before changing lanes, and check passenger and driver-side mirrors for cyclists who may be using the shoulder of the road or the area between lanes to move ahead of summer traffic.

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