Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Five Common Intubation Errors

Intubation is an emergency procedure used when a patient is unable to breathe. It is most often used in emergency rooms and during hospital surgeries, but also in dental procedures and urgent care facilities. Intubation is often referred to as an EI or ETI among medical professionals. Although usually performed by an anesthesiologist, doctors, other technicians, nurses, and paramedics may also perform an ETI. Intubation mistakes can cause severe injury and fatality. Following are the five most common mistakes related to ETI medical malpractice in South Jersey.

Five Common Intubation Errors That Result in Fatal Injury

  • Failing to evaluate the airway properly – This most often occurs when medical personnel rush the procedure. Of course, intubation often occurs in an emergency setting, but failing to carefully determine the reason for a blocked airway results in mistakes—mistakes that often cost the patient his or her life. This step cannot be rushed.
  • Not positioning the airway correctly – Related to rushing the procedure is making sure the operator is in the right physical position to properly insert the laryngoscope. This is especially important in obese patients.
  • Not having backup materials – Intubation requires many items. At times, equipment trays are not properly stocked. To safely conduct the ETI, all needed items must be readily available. Most professionals advise having backups of all pieces. If one must go searching for a needed item, the patient will suffer.
  • Using the wrong medications and procedures – The reason intubations were at one time assigned only to anesthesiologists is because of the complex nature of the procedure. When lesser-trained personnel conduct an intubation, use of the wrong medications and/or procedures are common.
  • Indecision – When a problem arises during intubation, quick decisions are needed. One common mistake is failing to act quickly. This often results in fatal injury.

Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Folkman Law Offices, P.C. Represent Victims of Intubation Errors

When someone you love has been harmed because of an intubation error, knowing whether medical malpractice is the case or not may seem difficult. ETI is a complex procedure, yet in the hands of a trained professional, it is a quick, safe, and effective means of opening an obstructed airway.

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