Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers: Amusement Park Safety

This past August, a three-year-old boy fell out of a roller-coaster in Pennsylvania. It was the fourth such amusement park accident to occur within a week. Details about what caused the accident on the old-style wooden coaster are unclear. Other recent amusement park accidents left one-person fatally injured, another with a brain injury, and two others hospitalized.

There are approximately 400 amusement parks throughout the United States. States are responsible for regulating their own parks, and procedures vary between them. Amusement rides are only becoming bigger and faster. Thrill-seekers do not seem to be deterred by the risk of personal injury. So what can be done to keep amusement park aficionados safe while enjoying their favorite rides?

Keeping Safe in Amusement Parks

The simplest way to keep you and your loved ones from suffering an amusement park accident is to follow park rules. Adhere to height and weight requirements for all rides. Do not overload the car or seat with more people than recommended.

Take a break between extreme rides. Those super high-speed, upside-down coasters can do a number on your muscles and joints. Give your neck, shoulders, and the rest of your body some downtime to recover between thrills.

Choose rides that are age-appropriate for your child. Your little-one may be fearless. But if your five-year-old tells you he is up for the ride geared towards teenagers, tell him he will have to wait a few more summers. Make sure your child is old enough to understand ride procedures including how to enter and exit the ride safely.

Buckle up for safety. Ensure that all belts, latches, and bars are fastened properly and securely. Ask the attendant to double-check your restraints before the ride begins. Make sure children know to stay seated until the ride comes to a complete stop. Secure loose items that could possibly fly away on fast-moving rides and injure someone.

Amusement park accidents are preventable. With diligent inspection and maintenance of all rides, proper training for employees, and good judgement from park visitors, amusement park visits can be fun and accident free.

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