Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers: Are Snow Blowers Safe?

After an overnight snowstorm, snow blowers prevent back-breaking shoveling. Yet most are not as safe as advertised. Many are defective but all are dangerous. Personal injuries in South Jersey from such faulty products have been known to happen. Nationwide, more than 5700 finger and hand amputations occur each year because of snow blowers.

Why Do Snow Blowers Cause Personal Injuries in South Jersey?

South Jersey has three big contributing factors as far as snow blower injuries go. The warm, Atlantic air causes snow to be heavy and moist. In addition, heavy snowfall is common and the temperatures tend to hover just below freezing. Product defects then add to create the perfect storm for snow blower injuries.

A common problem is that when snow is dense, the machine becomes clogged. The natural reaction is to turn off the snow blower and reach into the chute to clear it. However, the impeller, which forces the snow from the machine, maintains torque even after shut-off. Once snow is clear, the impeller is free to spin.

Most manufacturers fail to warn of this danger. For good reason, the most common injury is amputation of the middle finger of the dominant hand. Those most likely to suffer these middle-finger amputations are men aged 44.

If the unit must be cleared, use a sturdy pole or stick, such as a broom handle. Even then, it would be wise to wear safety goggles to avoid the potential of eye injuries should the pole break.

Another personal injury from defective snow blowers involves the tires and rims. MTD Product Inc. recalled their Craftsman series in 2006 because of this defect. When airing up the tires, they tended to explode. The rims, made of a composite plastic then shattered. The plastic shrapnel caused severe injuries to the face and eyes. Although recalled, many of these Craftsman-branded snow blowers remain in use.

Other injuries and fatalities from defective machines are caused by faulty fuel tank connections, clutch malfunctions, leaking O-rings, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more.

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