Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers: Traumatic Brain Injury in Children

Traumatic brain injury or TBI is something most often associated with war veterans or professional athletes, but it is important to be aware of the consequences of TBI in children as their brains are still developing and changing. The most common causes of TBI in children are incidents involving sports, falls, and motor vehicle accidents. However very small children that have been “buckled up safely” can also be victims of TBI if a baby car seat falls or is dropped accidentally, or if they are eating in a high chair or booster seat that is knocked over. Something as simple as a parent slipping and falling while holding the child can cause TBI because of the distance of the fall. Anything more than twice the height of the child is cause for real concern as the impact to the brain will be enormous and a child’s brain suffers more injury than an adult’s would.

TBI Symptoms

There are three types of symptoms to be aware of with TBI. Physical symptoms, which include headaches, difficulty sleeping or waking up, and vomiting, or nausea. Then there can be symptoms that involve the brain’s processing of information – difficulty concentrating and thinking, as well as memory problems. And finally, symptoms that appear in the emotional arena – a change in behavior or problems at school that did not exist prior to injury.

Helmets Are Not the Easy Answer

Do not be deceived into thinking a helmet can prevent TBI. They are designed primarily to prevent skull fracture. A helmet provides protection to the head itself, but an incident like whiplash, which jerks the head back and forth, is enough to knock a child’s brain against the skull and cause concussions. And because the brain controls all the body’s different systems, a severe case of TBI can cause difficulty breathing or irregular heartbeat. If you notice any of these symptoms or the child is vomiting or complaining of a headache, you should go immediately to an emergency room to see a doctor.

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