Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers: New Treatment for Victims of Spinal Cord Injury

While personal injuries can frequently cause a myriad of lasting issues, few are as harmful as spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries frequently lead to paralysis in large parts of the body. This limits the ability to work or even to simply live day-to-day. However, there is a frequent side effect of such injuries which many find to be even more unbearable.

Many victims of spinal injuries report chronic, intense pain in the areas which otherwise do not experience sensation. For a long time, this pain was almost impossible to treat. Fortunately, a potential solution has been found recently.

Paralysis and Neuropathic Pain

In a report from the World Health Organization, it was found that about 25 million people worldwide have suffered from a spinal cord injury. Many of these injuries cause paralysis, and with paralysis frequently comes neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is described as a sensation of pain in areas of the body affected by paralysis. The pain is intense, and is often compared to electric shocks.

Neuropathic pain has long baffled doctors. There is seemingly little to no physical reason for the pain, due to the lack of other sensation in the affected areas. However, neuropathic pain is frequently intense enough to cause suicidal urges. Many doctors for a long time would consider neuropathic pain to be psychosomatic. Some doctors, however, have begun to develop a real solution to neuropathic pain.

The Treatment

Doctors at Craig Hospital in Denver have developed a new surgery that treats neuropathic pain. While many doctors believed the pain is in patients’ heads, these doctors have found that treating the spinal cord can reduce or even eliminate the pain. Spinal cords have multiple small spots known as “root entry zones” that contain thousands of cells. This is where nerves bring sensations from the body into the spinal cord, and when irritated by a spine injury, can be the root of false pain signals that lead to neuropathic pain. The surgical technique exposes these nerve cells, called “hyperactive” nerve cells.

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