Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers: Dog Bites Injure Many in New Jersey Each Year

Pets play an important role in the lives of many who reside in New Jersey. While there are many different types of animals that people keep, dogs are one of the most popular. They provide companionship for people of all ages and are often considered part of the family. Though the relationship between a dog and the humans who care for it is usually good, there are situations in which an owner or other individual could be injured by a dog.

When a dog attacks it can result in serious injuries and sometimes even lead to death. This happens throughout the nation including in the state of New Jersey. According to State Farm— just one insurance company that handles dog-related injury claims—in 2014, it paid out close to $115 million. New Jersey in particular ranked tenth in country for the number of claims filed due to dog bites.

Individuals, who are hurt in a dog attack, or the family members of those who are killed, could take legal action against the owner of the pet. In successful cases, any damages recovered could be of use in paying for the expenses that arise as a result of the injury. Because securing damages is easier said than done, it is advisable that a personal injury lawyer be consulted for help in the matter.

Since it is fair to say no one wants to be hurt by a dog bite, in our next post we will provide tips on how people can try to avoid it in the first place.

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