Failure to Disclose is Medical Malpractice

South Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Failure to Disclose is Medical Malpractice

A doctor has a duty to disclose all relevant information regarding a medical treatment to their patients. This allows the patient to make a fully-informed and understanding decision about their own treatment. If a doctor fails to disclose important information, it may leave him or her liable for medical malpractice.

Information a Doctor Must Disclose

This doctor’s duty to disclose includes such factors as:

  • What exactly the treatment involves
  • Possible risks of receiving the treatment
  • Possible risks of not receiving the treatment
  • The operation’s rate of success
  • Alternative treatments
  • Risks and benefits of these alternative treatments
  • Risks and benefits of refusing procedure altogether

This duty also makes it important that a patient does not feel unfairly pressured to continue with a test, treatment, or procedure. Healthcare providers must also inform patients fully of their qualifications and experience before beginning.

Consent Must Be Obtained

Informed consent forms are often standard with medical treatment. They normally state that a patient is consenting to a procedure after being fully informed of all risks and possible alternatives. Such written documentation is usually required for major procedures, such as surgery or participation in experimental protocols. Routine medical procedures often find documented verbal consent to be sufficient. A parent or guardian can make informed consent for a minor.

Suing a Doctor for Medical Malpractice Due to Failure to Disclose

To successfully bring a suit against a doctor, an individual must prove that their doctor failed to disclose some pertinent information and that they suffered an injury as a result of that failure. If you suffer from the harm that you were not informed of, you have cause to sue.

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