Halloween Safety Tips

Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers: Halloween Safety TipsFalling leaves, pumpkin spice, and crisp temperatures means that autumn is here. Halloween is fast approaching with all the festivities it brings, but remember to make safety part of your celebration at home, at a party, or while trick or treating. While conjuring your costume or planning your trick or treat route, keep the following safety tips in mind for happy Halloween memories:

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

  • Children under age 12 should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult while trick or treating. With older children, curfews are recommended. Encourage teens to stay with a group and ask what route they plan to use.
  • Reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident by using flashlights and glow sticks when trick or treating, so motorists will see your trick or treater on the street. Dress children in costumes with reflective material, lighter colors, and free from excessive material, which could prompt a slip and fall accident. Proper footwear is vital in preventing falls, too. Avoid wearing masks, which will obstruct your child’s vision.
  • Bring your cellphone for emergencies and to keep in contact with older trick or treaters. Remember to avoid using electronic devices when crossing streets, and remind kids to walk, not run. Seventy percent of pedestrian fatalities and personal injuries for children ages five to nine, and 47 percent of children ages ten to 14, are caused by darting or running across the road without looking first.
  • Stay in well-lit areas on familiar streets, and pass on going to darkened homes as a courtesy and for safety’s sake. Warn children to never enter homes or cars to retrieve candy.
  • Once trick or treaters return home, inspect candy for choking hazards and potential tampering before eating.

Home Celebration Safety

  • When carving pumpkins, supervise the proceedings and keep sharp knives away from your little ones. Adults should handle cutting pumpkins, and save the design part for the children.
  • To prevent unanticipated fires, wear costumes and decorate with materials that are flame-resistant.
  • If your child insists on wearing a mask for Halloween festivities, check if they can see out of the mask. When choosing costume accessories for your child, discourage them from carrying sharp and unwieldy objects like knives or swords unless they are flexible.
  • Dry ice is popular to use in a “witches’ brew” punch for a party and as a decoration in or around the home. Avoid handling dry ice or ingesting it.

Safe Driving Practices

  • Drivers should be especially cautious in residential neighborhoods where trick or treaters may travel. Drive slowly and be vigilant in watching out for children in costume and other pedestrians.
  • When exiting or entering roads or driving in reverse, use caution.
  • Distracted driving and speeding should be strictly avoided during heavy trick or treating hours as well as at any time when traveling.
  • Turn on headlights, even during daylight hours, as an extra precaution.

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