Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers report Holiday Drinking and Fatigue Can Lead to Devastating Consequences

During the holidays, many people get together with their loved ones and celebrate with a home-cooked meal and some drinks. It’s not uncommon to hear someone toast to a happy and healthy new year. While we all hope to have both happiness and health coming into the New Year, that is not always the case. Certain not-so-healthy behaviors have a tendency to increase during the holiday season, and these behaviors can not only hurt the individual doing them, but it can also hurt or even kill innocent bystanders.

A typical behavior during the holidays in New Jersey is drinking. While drinking can be a fun and even relaxing behavior, it’s smart to do it in moderation. If you’re planning to let loose, the best decision is to have a sober driver to take you home or to stay wherever you are drinking until you are completely sober. While this may seem like common sense advice, we all know too well that many people do not follow these recommendations.

Another health concern during the holiday season is fatigue. When an individual is stressed and also not getting enough sleep, it can lead to some pretty dangerous consequences. While we might think we can navigate the roads well on four hours of sleep, it doesn’t always turn out that way.

While you may behave responsibly during the holidays, there are plenty of people who won’t. There may not be any way to defend yourself against a drunk driver who ran a red light, but there are a few things that can help. During the winter it can be helpful to winter-proof your car. This may include getting windshield fluid specific for the winter or buying winter tires. It’s also important that you wear your seat belt and that all children in the car are in appropriate car seats or boosters if they need them.

If you have done everything you can to protect yourself and still wind up getting injured by a reckless driver, it may be helpful to contact an attorney.

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