Know Your Rights About Pre-Existing Conditions

Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers: Know Your Rights About Pre-Existing ConditionsIf you have a pre-existing medical condition, you need to be aware that there is a high possibility of exacerbating or aggravating your pre-existing neck, spine, or back condition in a slip and fall, work place incident, or auto accident.

Many times, insurance companies will try to use your pre-existing condition against your case, casting blame on your previous conditions rather than on the current accident that triggered your symptoms. In these incidents, it is best for you to contact a Cherry Hill personal injury lawyer to help you with your case as these types of accidents can escalate more than any other type of claim.

Legal Claims

Many of the accidents that cause previous symptoms of old wounds to reoccur or worsen largely involve car accidents. These are mostly caused by the negligence of other drivers on the road, which may lead to litigation. If your insurance company refuses to pay or decides to pay a drastically reduced rate for your damages, seek the help of Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers.

A lot of insurance companies may reject a new claim that deals with pre-existing issues, including your own. They may allege that they concluded that your injuries are unrelated to the current incident and the fact that you are suffering an injury has no bearing on the insured. This is a way for your insurance company to deny any financial responsibility for the accident claiming that any new injuries stem from your previous condition. Additionally, an insurance company may use this same defense to decrease the amount of compensation that is owed to you.

When trying to obtain proof to support their claim that your conditions are due to a previous accident, your insurance company will ask you to sign a medical authorization. This can provide unrestricted access to your medical records, depending on how the document is worded.

Due to the strong chance of an insurance denial, it is critical to seek legal counseling from an experienced team of personal injury lawyers. These cases are often extremely complex and may require the help of a medical professional to clarify the damage from your previous accident compared to the damage sustained from the latest incident.

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