Medical Errors Are More Common Than You Think

South Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers alert patients that medical errors are more common than we think. As patients undergoing medical procedures, most people are informed of the risks. However, many tend to view them as precautions – things that could happen, not things that do happen. Unfortunately, medical errors are more common than most people think and typically constitute medical malpractice. Every year, thousands of unsuspecting patients face severe injuries and, in some cases, death as the result of misdiagnosis, or physician or hospital negligence.

How Do Medical Errors Affect You?

There are risks associated with almost every procedure, operation, and medication out there. While physicians are obligated to inform you of potential risks associated with your health, some adverse health outcomes can be directly attributed to physician negligence. Oftentimes, cases of medical malpractice remain unclassified and ignored, especially when complications arise due to medical error or misdiagnosis.

Hospital negligence and poor judgment on the part of health care professionals can result in medical errors, or small mistakes made during procedures or treatments that can result in further harm. These situations should never happen, but the number of patients who have faced long-lasting health issues, complications, and death due to medical error is astounding. In a recent study performed by researchers at John Hopkins,  the number of Americans who die due to medical errors each year totals at least 250,000.

In some cases, the area of fault is not clear. When negligence or misdiagnosis do not play a role in medical errors, patients may fail in their pursuit of a medical malpractice lawsuit. In these situations, patients are often forced to pay medical bills that they cannot afford.

How Much Do Medical Errors Cost?

Additional patient care including further surgeries, follow-up care, and prescriptions become increasingly expensive when a patient is the victim of a medical error. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the average cost of treatment when unseen complications arise is 2.3 times more for the average privately insured patient.

Preventing Unexpected Costs

As there are no regulations for how additional costs should be handled when there is not an obvious case of malpractice present, many patients face extreme hardship when medical malpractice occurs. Moreover, cases of medical malpractice can be difficult to prove. Patients and families who suspect a medical mistake resulted in unnecessary harm should consult an experienced medical malpractice lawyer for help determining if they have a valid claim.

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