Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Medical Malpractice Involving Emergency Room Mistakes

In the New Jersey (Camden County) and greater Philadelphia area, hospital emergency rooms daily receive patients who are suffering from any number of urgent medical situations. Doctors and other staff members must act quickly, using knowledge, skill and experience to assess a situation and administer appropriate care. When mistakes are made, patients often suffer; some situations are serious enough to warrant the filing of medical malpractice claims.

In another state, a woman has claimed that she suffered a brain injury due to mistakes made by doctors in an emergency room in May 2011 when she arrived in state of confusion and weakness. Reports also indicate that she apparently suffered a seizure in the emergency room, as well. A team of doctors diagnosed the woman with a low sodium serum level and began to administer a sodium solution for the next 48 hours as treatment.

Days later, the woman was transferred to another medical facility where she was diagnosed with a brain injury that causes nerve impulse damage. Her condition required nursing home care for an extended period of time. She was then able to return home, but still suffers from nerve damage that affects the use of her hands and legs.

In a medical malpractice lawsuit the woman filed against the hospital and emergency room doctors, it is alleged that her brain injury was caused by the sudden administration of the sodium solution. The defendants have settled the case out of court, agreeing to pay $5 million in damages. Patients in the New Jersey (Camden County) and greater Philadelphia area who also believe their emergency room care has resulted in personal injury may want to consider taking recourse through the legal system in order to seek a monetary judgment against those deemed liable for their injuries.

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