Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyers report Parents May Help Physicians Identify Medical Mistakes

New Jersey parents may be interested in learning that, according to a U.S. study, they are the ones who can often catch any medical errors that the doctor may miss. Due to their vigilance, the study suggested that the patient’s parents could be a great resource for preventing errors or reducing the number of mistakes that are made.

The study took place at two pediatrics units at a Boston hospital in 2013 and 2014. It included data from more than 380 children who were hospitalized. After their stay, the parents completed a survey that asked them about any concerns they may have had. Reviewers then went through the parents’ written responses and categorized them based on whether the parents experienced medical issues, quality issues or issues that were not considered to be safety problems.

In total, 34 parents reported 37 incidents. Of these, 62 percent were classified as medical mistakes. Another 24 percent were issues associated with the quality of care. Of the medical mistakes that were reported, 30 percent resulted in preventable harm. As a result of the study, the researchers stated that any potential errors that are noted by the parents should be taken seriously.

Hospital negligence can cause severe harm to a patient regardless of age. Anesthesia errors or hospital-acquired infections can result in a worsened condition requiring lengthy and expensive medical care and treatment. Patients or their family members who find themselves in this type of a position may want to have the assistance of a medical malpractice attorney in pursuing compensation from the negligent facility and practitioner.

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