Pedestrian Fatally Struck on Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Camden

Pedestrian Fatally Struck on Admiral Wilson Boulevard in CamdenA pedestrian was fatally struck while attempting to cross Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey. Although the 42-year-old victim was standing near the pedestrian walkway near Baird Boulevard, a car hit him around midnight on Thursday morning. The man who was fatally struck in the pedestrian accident succumbed to his injuries later on in the day.

Back in 2014, Admiral Wilson Boulevard was identified as one of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in New Jersey. Unfortunately, the issue of pedestrian fatalities has multiplied since that time in many parts of the state. With the amount of congestion on the roads and contributing factors to accidents like distracted driving and reckless driving by motorists, pedestrians put their lives at-risk when simply trying to cross the street or walk along the road.

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