Cherry Hill Product Liability Lawyers: Popular Christmas Toy Causes Apparent Risk

New Jersey parents, like others throughout the nation, find joy in giving their children new toys for Christmas. Each year, retailers and manufacturers advertise their latest wares, tempting parents to purchase the trendiest, most expensive items. It is understandable, then, that a parent who has spent a significant amount of money on a new toy becomes upset when, after bringing the toy home and using it, it appears to be hazardous and a risk for personal injury.

Such is the case, it seems, with one of the hottest items of the Christmas 2015 season. Children across the nation have been delighted to receive new Hoverboards, but some have ended up in the emergency room with serious injuries after falling while riding the toys. Two lawsuits have also been filed because the Hoverboards apparently caught on fire inside the families’ homes while being charged.

One man has filed a legal claim against the manufacturer of the Hoverboard he purchased for his children. He is also suing the sporting goods store where he made his purchase. The man has also requested a class action lawsuit because of other reports of personal injury and hazards associated with the toy.

There are personal injury lawyers available in New Jersey who are experienced in litigating claims associated with injuries caused by defective products. It is important to document an incident as soon as possible after an injury has occurred. An attorney understands the law regarding who can be held accountable for such injuries and would be able to guide a person through the legal process of filing a claim.

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