Reducing the Risk of Medical Errors

Every trip to the hospital involves some risk. We hope for the best outcome possible for our illness or injury, but mistakes happen. There are some ways that we, as patients, can take charge of our own health and do our part to prevent medical errors.

Share Your Health History

It is crucial when receiving medical care, that you disclose any and every relevant detail about your medical history. Notify your physician of all major injuries, illnesses, and surgeries you have experienced. Your family’s health history is another significant piece of your medical puzzle, giving your doctor clues about your own condition. Be honest about habits including smoking cigarettes and alcohol use. Tell your doctor any and every medication you are taking – including natural herbs and supplements. Do not forget to mention any allergies that may also affect your treatment plan.

Be Your Own Advocate

Do not make the mistake of assuming that physicians always know what is best for you. They are human, after all, and capable of mistakes. If something about your diagnosis, treatment, or medication makes you feel uneasy or confused, speak up. Notify your treating physician. If they do not seem to take your concerns seriously, ask to speak to his or her supervisor. When it comes to your health, never brush your concerns aside.

Choose Your Hospital Carefully

Just as physicians specialize in treating certain areas of the body or conditions, certain hospitals are better equipped to treat certain injuries or illnesses. Some hospitals are known to have superior obstetric care while others are known for their cancer treatments. Visiting a hospital that is best suited for your condition improves your chances of receiving better medical care. Choose a hospital known for high standards of hygiene, patient satisfaction, and minimal medical errors.

Know Your Medication

When a doctor prescribes your medication, review the name, dosage, and side effects with him or her. Ask your doctor to explain why he or she feels this is the best option for you and if there are any equivalent medications available on the market. Confirm that your prescribed medication will interact safely with whatever you are already taking. At any time, if you feel the medication is negatively impacting your health, contact your doctor immediately.

Stay Organized

When it comes to your overall health and wellness, it is important to stay organized and informed. Keep your health records and insurance information up to date and readily available at all times. Make sure all of your regular doctors are permitted to receive your labs and exams. If your doctor orders a test for you, ask why it is important. Not all tests are necessary. Research your ailment or condition from a worthwhile source so you can be as proactive and knowledgeable about your own care as possible.

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