Van Collision with Car in Vineland Causes Fatality and Several Injuries

Van Collision with Car in Vineland Causes Fatality and Several InjuriesIn Vineland, New Jersey, a van collision with a car caused a fatality and several injuries on Thursday morning. The fatal car accident occurred around 6:18 am, and caused the driver of the car to lose his life at the crash site. Eleven occupants in the van sustained a variety of personal injuries, and one of the victims was trapped underneath the vehicle during the van collision, which required firefighters to extricate the individual. The victims were transported to two separate area hospitals for treatment.

When a car slams into a larger vehicle, the results could be catastrophic. In a head-on crash, injuries involving the head, neck, and spinal cord could occur as well as potential fatalities. If the accident took place on a congested highway, it could instigate further crashes, which may increase the likelihood of multiple injuries and fatalities.

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