Dog Bites

Attacked by an Animal in South Jersey? Contact a Cherry Hill Dog Bite Lawyer to Learn Your Options

The majority of dog owners consider their pets family, and not much can change the adoration they feel for them. Unfortunately, people fail to remember that dogs, no matter how domesticated, are still animals who may lash out and injure anyone who appears to threaten or disturb them in some way. If an individual is bitten or otherwise injured by a dog, the person may file a claim against the pet’s owner with the help of an experienced Cherry Hill dog bite lawyer.

Common Dog Bite Injuries Handled by a Cherry Hill Dog Bite Lawyer

An individual may sustain serious personal injuries from a dog bite, like a large wound, but injuries may consist of bruises, abrasions, sprains, and fractures, too. If the victim develops an infection or emotional and/or physical scarring due to a dog bite, those are also injury characteristics for which a dog owner may be liable. Dog owners may be required to pay for damages including medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and property damage if the victim files a claim. However, injuries that result from a dog that jumps onto and knocks down an individual are not covered under the law, unless the victim can prove, with the assistance of legal counsel, that the owner did not properly control the animal. When a dog is provoked, although the dog owner is liable for the injuries sustained by the victim, it is limited, and the victim may need to pay for any remaining uncovered damages. Any dog used by law enforcement agencies may be exempt from liability in the act of apprehending criminal suspects.

Strict Liability Law for Animal Attacks in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

In both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, strict liability laws dictate how owners of dogs that bite or otherwise injure a victim are handled. Strict liability laws state that dog owners are liable if their dogs cause an injury, whether or not the owner was negligent or at fault. Even if the dog never before displayed any propensity for hurting people, or the owner was unaware that the dog would injure another person, the owners remain liable. In these cases, all that must be proven is that the victim was indeed bitten by the dog. Though this may seem fairly straightforward, a New Jersey dog bite attorney will help you collect all of the relevant evidence.

Statute of Limitations for Dog Bite Lawsuits

According to New Jersey and Pennsylvania law, claims against the dog owner must be filed within two years of when the biting incident occurs. This statute of limitations covers most personal injury claims filed in the state. To ensure you receive the proper compensation for your injuries, you must contact a Cherry Hill dog bite lawyer immediately after the incident occurs, so that a claim can be filed within the time limit. Otherwise, any personal injury claim filed after the two-year period will be dismissed in a court of law despite the circumstances.

Before Filing a Dog Bite Injury Claim

Immediately after the incident, and before contacting an attorney regarding a dog bite injury claim, the victim should collect both the dog owner’s and any witnesses’ contact information. No matter how severe, the victim should seek medical attention, and retain any records regarding doctors’ or emergency room visits, and detailed medical bills for reimbursement. Also, the local animal control authorities must be informed about the dog bite incident, so that they can contact the owner or locate the dog, and quarantine it if necessary, especially if the dog appears rabid.

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