Motorcycle Accidents

In a Motorcycle Collision or Wreck in South Jersey? You Need the Help of an Experienced Cherry Hill Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists are subject to a heightened risk of injury compared to other drivers on New Jersey and Pennsylvania roadways. Not only are four-wheeled drivers somewhat less aware of the presence of a motorcycle, but in the event of an accident, there is little-to-no excess material on the motorcycle to “absorb” the impact force and protect the motorcyclist from harm. If you’ve suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct of another, then you may be entitled to damages. Litigating a motorcycle accident claim can be quite difficult, as success may be predicated on the ability of your Cherry Hill motorcycle accident lawyer to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Here at Folkman Law, we believe that effective representation is goal-oriented. We work tirelessly to help our clients achieve substantial case results. Our successes speak volumes about our personal injury advocacy. Since our founding, we have achieved numerous million-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our personal injury clients, including motorcycle accident plaintiffs.

Comprehensive Representation in a Range of Motorcycle Accident Scenarios

The circumstances surrounding a motorcycle accident — just like a car accident or truck accident — can have a significant impact on how the injury claim is litigated. Whereas a minor rear-end incident at a stoplight might give rise to minimal damages (for medical expenses), an accident involving a highly-intoxicated driver could give rise to punitive damages.

A Cherry Hill motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm can represent motorcyclist-plaintiffs in a range of accident scenarios, including (but not limited) to the following:


Speeding and reckless driving are common factors contributing to motorcycle accidents. In many cases, the defendant-driver may not mentally register that they are putting others at risk by driving at an excessive speed (or by driving recklessly given the circumstances). Speeding has become so engrained in the regular driving activities of some drivers that motorcyclists are consistently exposed to a heightened risk of injury.

Motorcyclists are often put in a difficult situation when they encounter a speeding or reckless driver. Drivers may not be paying any attention to the presence of the motorcyclist, and as a result, the burden of avoiding the collision is shifted to the motorcyclist (who already has a number of circumstantial considerations to account for).


Intersection collisions are dangerous for all motor vehicle operators, but especially motorcyclists, for whom even a relatively low speed accident could cause injuries that lead to functional impairments and emotional distress. Drivers often violate traffic rules at intersections when they believe that there are no other vehicles present — this can quite easily give rise to an accident if the driver is not aware of the presence of a motorcycle at the intersection.


It is estimated that about half of motorcycle accidents do not involve another vehicle. Instead, the motorcyclist may have been disrupted by their interaction with an environmental hazard or may have engaged in negligent behavior that contributed to the accident. Environmental hazards that may not otherwise pose a serious danger to four-wheel vehicles can pose a serious danger to motorcyclists. For example, a pothole may be a minor inconvenience for a truck, but for a motorcycle, a large enough pothole could cause an accident.


Unsafe lane changing is among the most common acts of negligence that cause motorcycle accidents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Drivers often change lanes in a manner that does not adequately contemplate the risks posed to others. With respect to motorcycles, this risk is further enhanced due to its minimal profile. If the driver does not notice the presence of a motorcycle in the other lane, they may swerve into the lane carelessly and sideswipe the motorcyclist, causing injury.


Front end collisions (i.e., head-on collisions) are often catastrophic due to the additive effect of the impact forces involved. Though front-end collisions can lead to significant physical injuries in the context of motorcycle accidents, many people are unaware of the psychological consequences — when motorcyclists can “see” the impending accident, this can lead to severe psychological trauma due to their inability to control the outcome and avoid harm.


Rear end collisions are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists, as their ability to maintain balance is compromised— even if the collision occurs at a low speed. When the accident occurs at relatively high speeds, a rear end collision can send the motorcyclist careening wildly out-of-control and towards other vehicles or environmental hazards.


Wide turn accidents can pose a serious threat of injury to motorcyclists, as drivers may impede on an occupied lane and cause a collision. Many drivers who make “wide turns” do so based off their experiences handling such turns in reference to four-wheeled vehicles — they may not be equipped to avoid a collision with a motorcycle.


Left-hand turn accidents rate among the most common in the context of motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, left-hand turn accidents (and other accidents involving a vehicle that turns into the path of a motorcycle) make up roughly a third of total motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists have to anticipate the possibility that a driver may be making a left turn without checking to see if there is a motorcycle that will be crossing their path.

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