Dui Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving an intoxicated driver, then New Jersey law may give you a right of action against the defendant-driver for significant damages. Litigating a DUI accident claim may seem straightforward, but to do so effectively requires deft and thoughtful advocacy.

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What Qualifies as a DUI?

In New Jersey, a defendant may be found liable if they were impaired at the time of the accident due to their intoxication. Intoxication is presumed at a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or greater, though it is possible for a defendant to be found intoxicated even if their blood alcohol level is less than 0.08. What matters, fundamentally, is whether the defendant-driver is impaired. Some drivers may be significantly impaired with even a small amount of alcohol.

Intoxication is not limited to alcohol consumption, either. In New Jersey, a defendant may be found liable for intoxicated driving if they were under the influence of various recreational or prescription drugs.

Advantages of a DUI Defendant in the Litigation Context


Drivers who injured others (while intoxicated) are typically fighting an uphill battle when it comes to public perception. Juries tend to look upon such drivers in a negative manner. In the litigation context, this is a meaningful consequence that is worth noting. If you are involved in a DUI accident dispute (and it is clear that the defendant was intoxicated at the time of the accident), then you will be able to exercise substantial leverage during negotiations, as the defendant will have a difficult time at trial.


New Jersey courts are empowered to award bonus punitive damages in situations where the defendant’s misconduct was willful and malicious. Punitive damages may be awarded in situations where the defendant was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, though the courts usually only award punitive damages if the defendant-driver’s consumption of such substances was indicative of a wanton disregard for the safety of others.

For example, if the defendant was more than three or four times over the legal limit for blood alcohol level, then the court may choose to award punitive damages.

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